Saturday, March 19, 2011

Who wore it better?

I am still excited about the fact that I've tried this $2.200 Marc Jacobs jacket...but i couldn't afforded it :(
They can!!!
Who wore it better?
Victoria Beckham, Nicky Hilton, Rachel Weisz or Agyness Deyn?
Rachel was wearing this jacket first, back in Oct. 6th 2009 in Spain, at the premiere of her new movie. Agyness was wearing MJ jacket at the premiere on James Franco's movie "Howl" in 2010. Victoria was spotted with her favorite jacket few times, but for the the first time on Feb. 16th in NY and Nicky Hilton was pulled over by the police on March 18th, while she was driving in LA.
Buy the way, which color do you prefer?