Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back to black hermes

* Faux fur coat $45- ebay
* Black leggings $4.50- forever21
* Dark brown blouse $15.80- forever21
* Boots $29.90- jade boutique
* Handbag $62.50- handbag heaven
* Sunglasses $16.10- ASOS
***Total: $173.80


J M C said...

Love ur site - great ideas and fabulous finds! Thanks for adding mine in your blog roll (Victoria Beckham Style)! I will definitely add yours to mine!
-Also, if you would like to follow the site that would be fun :) I've added yours to my list!

Jenna from VB Style

Emili said...

:) Thanks!!!
I looooooove your site and I promise I will follow...cause I realy respect your work...
We have something big in common...WE BOTH LOVE VB!


J M C said...

Hi! I saw that u became a follower :) Thanks so much! I'm so glad you enjoy the site! I found yours yesterday and I really love your ideas! You can tell that you put in tons of hardwork with all of the fabulous finds! This site is perfect for those who love VB's style but don't have her check book lol!

Thanks again and keep up the great work!
-Jenna from VB Style