Monday, May 4, 2009

Stop, Police!!!

* Jeans $29.40- ASOS
* Jacket $80.40- ASOS
* Pumps $19.99- Amiclubwear
* Police hat $11- Centurynovelty
* White oversize handbag $38.99- Amiclubwear
* Black handbag $22.80- Forever 21
* Aviator sunglasses $5.80- Forever 21
***Total: $208.38


J M C said...

Wow! That hat is a dead ringer!! Great find! I really enjoy your site - your outfits are so great for those who love VB's style but don't have her kind of bank account! :)

It must take you a great deal of time to find all of the pieces! Your hard work really shows!!

Snowwhite said...

I enjoy while I'm doing that...:)
Thanks for all good words...
I love your blog too. You are first in almost every news...and the first thing that I do when I turn on my PC is: to check your blog...

J M C said...

Thanks for being so sweet! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog and check it daily! It really means a lot! I adore yours as well - you put together nearly identical outfits (that's so hard to do with VB's clothes but you make it work!)

I have been so busy with school lately so forgive me with not posting as often as I should! It's over this week so I'll be back to normal :)