Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy for her!

I am very very very happy for my lady- Victoria Beckham. And you know why? Because although she is: perfect mother and wife, perfect woman, perfect example, she is very positive person and she is successful designer. The list with celebrities who wore her dresses is bigger day by day.
On the list is added the name of Mary J Blige.

I am also happy because of her new dress collection and from yesterday till now I was deciding which dress is my favorite, but I still can't do that. I just can say big BRAVO for her, and to separate a few dresses (with hard hearth)...


fashionblogger said...

I adore this grey dress. It seems to look great on everyone!

snowfamily said...

It really does. Her designs are edgy, but flattering on a lot of different shapes.