Thursday, September 24, 2009


I am very sorry cause I couldn't post these days, but I had serious problems with my PC, and also a lots of work...So I'll try to compensate today and tommorow... We saw a lot of new looks of VB and I will be honest and I will say that she was very, very good these days. Starting with a dresses from her own colllection which is very fresh and different and ending with one gourgeous black and white dress which I ADORE!!!
Also I want to be honest and say that this was very hard work for me, know her dresses are very special, so I tried to do my best, but still I am not contend!
Lots of love!!!

* Dress $24.80- Forever21
* Heels $22.99- Amiclubwear
***Total: $45.98

* Dress $98- Oaknyc
* Pumps $97.92- Zappos
* Belt $4.80- Forever21
***Total: $200.72

* Dress $24.80- Forever21
* Pumps $22.99- Amiclubwear
***Total: $47.79

* Dress $19.80- Forever21
* Cardigan $18- Yesstyle
* Belt $4.80- Forever21
* Pumps $22.99- Amiclbwear
***Total: $65.59

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